High mileage Chrysler 200 on its way? Maybe so! All we need to do is accept the technology.

Even before the media saw the 2015 Chrysler 200, oh2o wrote that we would see a version with the nine-speed automatic, grille shutters, and a stop-start system which cuts off the engine while at traffic lights and such. Rumors of stop-start systems on Chrysler vehicles have been floating around since shortly after Fiat took control, but these have gone nowhere, partly because of the challenges of making them acceptable to American buyers. While Americans have largely accepted new technologies with a different “feel,” such as continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), on Nissans and other imported cars, they generally reject the same technologies in American cars. Thus, a high priority for Chrysler has been making energy-saving powertrains feel as “normal” as possible – like the cylinder cutoff in the Hemi, which has been tuned fairly conservatively, so drivers usually can’t detect when it’s on.


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